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ICON Seminar 10

Dartington Hall, UK


Theme of the 10th Seminar: Student as teacher

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ICON Seminar 10 introduction: Student as teacher

To teach is to learn. If we are to learn, do we need to teach? If we are to teach, what roles may inquiry and development play? This seminar will explore relationships between learning and teaching, reflective practice and research, and ways in which these may support our students and our own personal/professional development as artists and teachers. We will continue to develop our approaches to learning, collaborative research in and through our artistic processes, creative and reflective practice in ICON. The seminar will be particularly appropriate for active teachers in conservatoires and also for those who may have responsibility for pedagogy or reflective practice courses.

A major feature for ICON seminars is their focus on collaborative processes of development in learning, teaching and research in conservatoires. Some of the most important dimensions that we have explored include:

  • enabling a shared journey in our interactions with students;
  • championing curiosity and an ongoing desire for discovery for us as teachers as well as for our students;
  • exploring the role of artistry in teaching and the development of professional identity through teaching;
  • bringing some of the core practices, principles and values of music-making, including improvisation, artistic sources and processes of making new work, into the heart of our approach to teaching, our pedagogy.

In this seminar we will turn our focus particularly to learning through teaching, and how the direct experience of teaching may transform learning. What happens when musicians begin to teach and how does this change their relationship to their own learning and artistic process? What possibilities do we have to enable students to teach, and how can these support their development as musicians and reflective practitioners?

Some particular contexts and issues that will be central to our inquiry:

  • teaching ourselves;
  • learning and teaching through working with peers;
  • supporting performance students in developing awareness of their teaching skills, and how to continue enhancing these skills as reflective practitioners;
  • professional development and identities of the artist-teacher;
  • connections between teaching and learning, coaching and mentoring;
  • theoretical models of developing student as teacher;
  • specific courses supporting students as teachers.


ICON Seminar 10 will take place at Dartington Hall, UK from Sunday (evening) 27 April – Wednesday (morning) 30 April 2014.

Please note that bookings for this seminar are now closed.

Cost: £465 GBP (550 Euro) per person (includes accommodation, meals, access to all sessions, excludes travel).



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