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ICON Seminar 15: Kallio-Kuninkala, Finland

Kallio-Kuninkala, Finland


Theme of 15th Seminar: Mentoring-coaching skills: a dynamic part of creative approaches to teaching and leadership

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08 April 2017- 12 April 2017, Kallio-Kuninkala

Mentoring-coaching offers a new and rewarding dimension to teaching, mentoring and management roles. It brings additional creativity, energy and focus to the wide range of problems we face every day. It is a craft that is increasingly understood to make a positive difference to how we perform and learn, develop our well-being and resilience, and liberate our resourcefulness. In a time when we are all facing complex, and frequently unpredictable change, mentoring-coaching skills and techniques seem to be particularly important in a conservatoire. They can enable us to take ownership of our development, generate new perspectives, and access our ‘best possible selves’ and those of the people we work with, be these students, colleagues or other professionals around us.

At ICON we have been working with mentoring-coaching techniques for some time. Research at the Guildhall in 2015-16 has also confirmed that engaging with these skills in many cases leads to transformational experiences. People find that it opens up new ways of working and an evolving mindset. These seem to empower students and staff to access the core of their artistic selves as well as the full resources they have as learners.
This seminar offers an intensive mentoring-coaching skills workshop, led by Jane Cook, director of the Guildhall mentoring-coaching programme.

Within this context participants will work on the core mentoring-coaching skills, including how to:
• listen for and illuminate meaning;
• ask questions that prompt new learning;
• how to motivate and encourage new and creative thinking.

In addition the seminar will cover specific techniques to enable resilience and new perspectives, including coping with set-backs and managing difficult relationships.

The seminar is aimed at anyone working with students as a one to one teacher or mentor, or with students in groups, or having line management responsibility for colleagues. Participants will work on real issues with each other in client, coach and observer roles. Constant practice with skilled feedback is the core of the programme. We will not role play. We ask you to work on real material with each other. You cannot learn how to be an excellent mentor-coach if you have never understood what it is to be a client.

We expect that the majority of participants will already have experience of mentoring-coaching, but there is also the possibility to include some people who are new to these techniques. We will create an environment where we will all learn, experiment, improvise, practise and play. Perfection is NOT expected. Mentoring-coaching is a complex skill and even the most experienced coaches continue to learn through mistakes. Some of the skills involved are harder than they seem; it is not possible to jump to mastery in one painless step!

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