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ICON Seminar 3

Kallio-Kuninkala, Helsinki, Finland


Theme of the 3rd Seminar: One-to-one teaching and creative collaboration, improvisation, masterclasses, practising and assessment

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The organisation of the third Polifonia Innovative Conservatoire Seminar, which was scheduled to take place from 19-22 April 2012 at Ipenoord in The Netherlands, was severely impacted by the flight restrictions in Europe caused by the volcanic ash cloud. Most of the seminar participants were unable to reach the seminar venue, but the seminar leaders, who were already on site before the travel restrictions occurred, met at the seminar venue and used the time together to evaluate previous sessions and prepare the following seminar, which took place from 17-20 October 2010 at Kallio-Kuninkala, Järvenpää, Finland.

This seminar (reorganised to take place in October) was directed by Helena Gaunt and Bart van Rosmalen and brought together 28 teachers from Conservatoires and music academies across Europe and Australia, enabling them to explore in depth shared areas of interest and to identify stronger points of connection. Projects were developed by participants, which have since taken root in individual institutions. Examples of established projects include:

Co-teaching as co-learning
Dinah Stabb (Acting) & Armin Zanner (Vocal Studies)
Guildhall School of Music & Drama
The co-teaching pilot project, which grew directly from work at the international Polifonia Innovative Conservatoire Seminars (AEC) brought together two tutors (Dinah Stabb and Armin Zanner) from the School’s Drama and Vocal departments, working in tandem once per week with the class of Year 1 Vocal students. Through involvement in the project, the two tutors have encountered new models for their own one-to-one and group teaching. As a result this has been an opportunity for their professional development. On a larger scale, this pilot on collaborative teaching has encouraged other connections to be forged between the Drama and Music sides of the School as a whole. The process has been captured on film which is available in the resource bank.

Exploring the principles and practices of coaching/mentoring in teaching
Robert Schenck, Academy of Music & Drama, University of Gothenburg
In spring 2010 I participated in a coaching course together with 15 colleagues from my Academy since the contents and ideology of the course (adhering to the guidelines of the International Coach Federation) were consistent with the goals and approaches of the Innovative Conservatoire. Since then, I have been experimenting with the implementation of coaching techniques and principles in the field of higher music education where they hardly have been used previously. This has helped me to draw from and respect the potential of the students, and question and develop my role as a teacher, not in the least when examining which teaching contexts may or may not be suited to coaching approaches.

My article on coaching is a result of my contacts with coaching methods at the Innovative Conservatoire and at my school, and the feedback on the article from the Innovative Conservatoire network has been invaluable for my continuation with these pedagogical experiments and reflections.

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