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ICON Seminar 6

Dartington Hall, UK


Theme of the 6th Seminar: Voices of the artist in society

Last updated September 12, 2016

The 6th seminar was held in the inspiring surroundings of Dartington UK, on the theme of Voices of the artist in society.

In the cultural industries, and everywhere in cultural policy, there seem to be demands for artists to become adaptable to many contexts and ‘entrepreneurial’. The artist, in many contemporary economic paradigms, is supposed to be business man/woman as well. In the Innovative Conservatoire our exploration on role and position of the musician in a rapidly changing society starts from the perspective of how we may change in being an artist.

How is our artistry changing?
How can we re-formulate our work, re-engage with audiences and contexts, re-connect with our fundamental values?
How can we approach the entrepreneurial challenge from that starting point?

This seminar, led by Helena Gaunt from the Guildhall School and Bart van Rosmalen from the ArtEZ Conservatorium explored these issues in detail.


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Last updated September 12, 2016


Each participant is invited to bring an inspiration with them to the seminars. This ranges from a quote from a book or a piece of poetry to a score or an image, relating to the seminar theme.

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Last updated September 12, 2016