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ICONgo Seminar 3: Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, Holland

Theme of the 3rd ICONgo Seminar: One- to- one teaching.The Teacher as Learner

Last updated February 1, 2016


One- to- one teaching. The Teacher as Learner


To teach is to learn. If we are to learn, do we need to teach? If we are to teach, what roles may inquiry and development play? This seminar will explore relationships between learning and teaching, reflective practice and research, and ways in which these may support our students and our own personal/professional development as artists and teachers. We will develop our approaches to learning, collaborative research in and through our artistic processes, creative and reflective practice. The seminar will be particularly appropriate for active one‐to‐one teachers.


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Last updated February 1, 2016


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