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Polifonia ICON Seminar 1

Villecroze, France


Theme of the 1st Seminar: To bring together instrumental and vocal teachers and researchers in music and education from Conservatoires across Europe together to reflect on: presence in performance, assessment, masterclasses, one-to-one instrumental and vocal tuition, creativity in learning, improvisation and innovation

Last updated September 12, 2016

Organised by the AEC, this seminar, led by Helena Gaunt (Guildhall School) and Bart van Rosmalen (formerly the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague), formed part of the work of the Research Working Group of the Polifonia II Project.

A group of over 20 participants from 12 institutions in ten European countries were chosen to participate in this seminar. Each institution was represented by a team of instrumental/vocal/composition teachers.

Themes explored included:
Health, well-being and practising
Presence, improvisation and creativity

At the end of the Polifonia seminar cycle the participants should:

  • Be able to formulate and undertake development of their work as musicians-teachers, drawing on appropriate research tools, funding, and collaborative skills;
  • Be able to integrate the results of this programme within their own institution, for example initiating connecting conversations and professional development with other colleagues.



Visit the Event Resources to read the event summary and evaluation report (Pocketbook).

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Last updated September 12, 2016


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Last updated September 12, 2016