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ICON Seminar 8

Dartington Hall


Grandmother’s Hut

Toms Ostrovskis

Last updated August 19, 2013

One participant brought a photo of his grandmother’s hut in the countryside. This humble and stark building was an important source of inspiration for him. The idea of a place to collaborate was a strong idea that came through from this source. Whenever the participant embarked on a new project or collaboration, he would come to this hut to develop his ideas and gain inspiration. His chamber music groups would meet there to rehearse, think and plan. The idea that environment is an important spur for collaboration resonated deeply within the group. It is safe to say that this was confirmed on a grand scale by the level of collaborations that sprang from being at Dartington Hall for the seminar. A place to collaborate and a change of environment or routine was considered important and beneficial for collaboration.


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