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ICON Seminar 9

Kallio-Kuninkala, Helsinki


Brahms Clarinet Quintet

Robert Schenck

Last updated November 7, 2014

This questionnaire was given to students after a chamber music semester with the Brahms Clarinet Quintet. The teaching of the ensemble was entirely based on a coaching approach.
Robert’s research question:

My article “Coaching Approaches at a Conservatoire” (version April 2013) has been accepted as a chapter in the upcoming anthology “Creative teaching for creative learning in higher academic music education”. In order for it to be published and to fit into the book as a whole I have been asked the following:

“We do ask, however, that you make explicit links to the issues and debates around¬†creativity generally and creative learning specifically in higher music education contexts, particularly conservatoire settings.”

I find that the discussion of musical creativities most often leads to a move to non-classical genres, understandably so. The challenge for me in this article and in my teaching is to experiment with the possibility of including or increasing creativity in the actual teaching and learning of classical works. Emphasizing the learning process in this way will hopefully lead to creative, open musicianship during and after formal training.

This was the plan I had to weave my existing article about coaching experimentation at the conservatoire into the theme of the chapters of the book.


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