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ICON Seminar 5

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Like wine

Saulius Lipčius

Last updated August 19, 2013

After coming back I had a couple concerts, and I played them with unusual inspiration and pleasure – still the energy and memories about wonderful musicians and people from the seminar is within me.

My source was spontaneous, which I came up only being in the seminar amongst other participants – I told about the unusual thing for my country which I am doing last couple years. It’s growing wine grapes and making wine of them. For me it was inspirational and had to do something with teaching is because there are processes in wine growing and making where even if you did all the best you could, you have to wait doing nothing – just waiting and watching. That gives me another perspective on time and the idea that things grow and develop even just lying for a year in a cellar. For my hot temper it was a great thing to discover and find connections with teaching.

I don’t know what image I could give relating to this. I just have this sight in my eyes – a couple weeks ago I opened the very first bottle of my wine, which was lying for more than a year in cellar and getting mature, and when me and my family tasted it (they of course didn’t know what to expect, as it was the very first opened bottle) it was a feeling very much similar to the feeling when a student of yours does more than you expected, plays a wonderful concert and you see some ideas matured on stage which you didn’t talk about for last years. And all the moments from planting the seed, to taking off the fruit, to lying still in the bottles gets in one single vision.


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