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ICON Seminar 5

Dartington, UK


Negative means receptive

Margarida Barbal

Last updated August 19, 2013

“Attention is an effort, maybe the greatest effort, but it is a negative effort. Thought should be empty, waiting, not seeking, but being ready to receive in its naked truth the object that will enter in the thought. Errors in the work come when the thought rushed hastily on something and being thus prematurely filled, has not been available for the truth.”

I chose this quote by Simone Weil. It is important to take notice that negative means here receptive, not doing. I realize that often the listening of somebody carries already much thought with, which can work as a barrier to the real communication because one projects his own thinking on the other person instead of just being there listening and receiving.

For me the coaching way of asking, mirroring, giving back, and the one-to-one teaching needs or lays over this attitude of openness and non-judgmental listening.

The picture I provided is an open flower as a symbol of both: openness and non-doing, but being there, being alive.