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ICON Seminar 6

Dartington Hall, UK


Panoramic Photo of London

Aivi Tilk

Last updated August 19, 2013

My source is a panoramic photo of London. For me all these houses symbolize artists in society. There are so many different houses (artists). There are no better or worse ones, just different ones. When I first saw the picture, I thought “Why do we need all these skyscrapers, if the human being is so small and can´t see all the beauty from the ground that skyscrapers present?” And then I smiled. It reminded me, that not a long time ago there was one amateur drummer who asked me pretty much the same “Why do you need all this musical high education, if average people can´t understand your professional art anyway?” The shortest answer would be – you don´t. But if you do care and climb on top of the skyscraper, you can see the most beautiful view that you could ever imagine to exist. And then you see that every house makes a difference, no matter small or big. Every house presents new way of seeing things – things that you didn´t need before and suddenly you can´ t live without. Every house influences lay of the land. And if there is a house, that is old, you can either renovate it, if you can´t live without it, or it can create a space for something totally new. And if you look at the panorama, you realize how colourful our society of artists really is.