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ICON Seminar 5

Dartington, UK



Jo Hensel

Last updated August 20, 2013

A number of thoughts on the parallels between the responsibilities of nurturing our children and our students.

1. We may not always like them, but we will always love them.

2. They are with us for a short, formative time in which we have a responsibility to nurture them in a way which equips them for the rest of their lives. They are simply lent to us – we do not own them and should not try to make them in our own image, but should allow them to become themselves!

3. However tempting it is to try to make everything perfect all the time, we should allow them space in which to make mistakes because this is how they will learn. However tempting it is to provide the answers all the time, we must sometimes allow them to find the answers for themselves.

4. We do not have to appear perfect or super human. If they can observe us owning our mistakes, or asking for help, this is a good and healthy thing.

5. We can learn so much from them if only we are open enough to receive what they can bring to us.