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University of Arts Belgrade

University of Arts in Belgrade is the only specialized university for arts education in the Republic of Serbia, which gathers students and educators from the country and the region of Southeastern Europe. University offers a wide specter of study programs from all arts fields, as well as the study programs aimed at professionals in the field of culture and media.

As the oldest and largest institution of high education in Serbia, University of arts tends to promote arts creativity and diversity as essential marks of national culture and the needs of the entire society, and to contribute to development of local community in which it is situated.

The university is open towards the society and its demands defined by specific cultural projects and actions which contribute to general process of society reforms, above all to the process of development and the promotion of arts, science and high education.

By retaining its specific nature, University of arts is decisive to integrate itself into European academic environment, and according to its potentials, in the best spirit of mutuality of the University and its comprising faculties, confirm to its status as an important international institution of high art education on the Balkans.

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