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From Potential to Performance

From Potential to Performance

An international collaboration on practising, performance preparation and performing

In 2007 the first weekend of Innovative Conservatoire (ICON) took place in Finland, at the Kallio-Kuninkala in Helsinki.  At the same time, at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague and the Sibelius Academy Helsinki, collaboration started amongst teachers concerning the subjects of practicing and performing. These two initiatives led to a third outcome; an international cooperation of 6 teachers from 4 international schools of music, titled From Potential to Performance.

The international group exists of Royal Conservatoire teachers Susan Williams (trumpet) and Wieke Karsten (flute), Païvi Arjas (cello) and Erja Joukamo (french horn) from Sibelius Academy Helsinki, Gabriela Mayer (piano) from Cork School of Music and Eve Newsome (oboe) from Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane, Australia. All of these musicians/teachers also teach courses related to musicians’ health, practice methods and performance preparation at their respective conservatoires. During the last few years the group has met on several occasions, notably – the congress From Potential to Performance at The Hague in October 2013, which included guest speakers Frank Heckman, Adina Mornell and Eckart Altenmüller, and the congress From Potential to Optimal Performance in the Cork School of Music in October 2014, including guest speaker Sarah Sinnamon.

This international cooperation is currently working on a website on practicing, performance preparation and performing, targeted at music students and music teachers. This website will shed light on these subjects from different perspectives: 6 teachers, 6 perspectives, 6 specialities.  In addition, the recently produced Royal Conservatoire publication ‘From Potential to Performance’ was launched in September 2014. This book contains articles from all speakers who were at the congress in 2013. The Potential to Performance group is currently working on a workshop program that can be offered to European conservatoires.

From Potential to Performance: ‘to be continued…’

The publication From Potential to Performance is available online: http://www.researchcatalogue.net/view/87849/87850


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