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Arjen Hosper

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts


Arjen Hosper is a film- and theatre director. Currently combining his work as Head of the Bachelor ‘Theatre in Education’ at ArtEZ Zwolle and program leader of ‘Mediabites Amsterdam’ a festival for innovation in Media. His passion lays in mixing film and theatre. As a theatre director and video designer he created many critically acclaimed mixed media music-theatre productions. His collective EAST74 has performed at theatre festivals such as Oerol, Dutch Opera days and Parade. Their diptych ‘Celluloid fever: The Goddess & The Freak’ was performed in pop venues instead of regular theatre halls. In 2011 Arjen became program leader of a school for audio-visual design and animation in Amsterdam. In the same year he directed and performed in a television series and later film named ‘Lust’. Arjen studied at the University of the Arts Theatre-school Amsterdam, the New York Film Academy in New York and he recently followed the leadership development program at Neyenrode Business University.



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