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Anne-Liis Poll

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre


(PhD, professor in Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) received her degree in choir conducting under the direction of Professor Kuno Areng at the Tallinn Conservatoire (the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre). Her conducted chamber choir „Eesti Projekt” became rapidly a significant rival to Estonia`s best choir, winning the Grand Prix at the international choir festival „Tallinn `88”. A.-L. Poll has studied singing under the direction of Galli Kulkina, Prof. Eva Märtson-Wilson and Prof. Matti Pelo. A.-L. Poll has appeared as soprano soloist in Bach`s Magnificat, Händel´s Messiah and Israel in Egypt, Mozart´s Mass in Cminor etc. The co-operation with Anto Pett began in 2000, when A.-L. Poll started her second master programme in the Higher Theatre School by the Estonian Academy of Music. So far many concerts in Estonia and abroad, a lot of voice improvisation masterclasses have been given and several improvisations with different groups have been recorded. The participation in the ensemble „PROimPRO” in different festivals has played an important part in her life. She has co-operated with many masters of improvisational music both in Estonia and abroad. A.-L. Poll currently teaches singing and voice improvisation in EMTA (the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) drama department, voice improvisation in EMTA. A.-L. Poll has developed a teaching method of voice and creativity - Voice Games which she has presented in workshops in the academies and conservatories of Europe (Warsaw, Vienna, London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Antwerpen, Helsinki, Udine and USA (Princeton University).



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