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Aija Puurtinen

Sibelius Academy


I am a singer, composer and a bandleader of Honey B. & T-Bones (HBTB). I have released (1995-2015). I have been working as a singer with UMO big band, Avanti chamber orchestra, Symphony Orchestras, Riku Niemi Orchestra, with free jazz musicians like Raoul Björkenheim (USA/FIN) and Hasse Poulsen (DK) and world music band Doina Klezmer. Under a pseudonym “Kristina Bruuk” I have made a solo album with British musicians Bill Drummond and Mark Manning from group called KLF. I have been touring Europe-wide and in Canada with HBTB (1986-2015) and with Finnish folk group Värttinä (2006-2007).



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