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Dmitrij Golovanov

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre


Dmitrij Golovanov, a well-known and sought after Jazz pianist in Lithuania, teaches at the Lithuanian Academy for Music and Theatre. A graduate of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre he also studied at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater "Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy" in Leipzig, Germany. Dmitrij Golovanov was winner of the “Vilnius Jazz Young Power 2007” competition, and also the International Piano Improvisation Competition in Vilnius (2008). As a member of the group “Riot” he won first prize at the Jazz Hope 2005 competition. This year he will play at the semi-final of the Montreux Jazz Solo Piano Competition. For the last ten years, Dmitrij has been an active participant of jazz festivals in Lithuania and abroad. He performs various styles of music ranging from traditional, modern - creative, free jazz to classic/jazz crossover and experimental electronic music. He has been a member of several influential local and internatinal groups including Beat Freisen Spelunkenorchester and Herbie Kopf SwiLit. Collaborations include trio VD, Jeff Cascaro, Jacob Riis, Limor Shapira, Byron Wallen, Eska Mtungwazi and many others.


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