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Esmée Olthuis

Utrecht Conservatorium


I am a musician, more particularly a saxophone player, and even more specifically I am an improviser. Actually, I like the order to be the other way around; I am an improviser, I often use the saxophone as the instrument to express my creativity as an improviser, and the field wherein I improvise is music. The field of improvisation could also have been something else; sculpture, science, working with horses... anything that requires a certain state of mind and way of being. I believe that the art of improvising has its heart in being in the moment, in the now, as discussed by authors such as Tolle (2001) in The Power of NOW. Call it intuition, being in contact with your essential self, an ultimate balanced state of mind: it is the state of being from where creation begins, and that is the most important thing for me as an improviser. I am a bandleader, composer and creative inventor. I am fascinated by interdisciplinary working and processed music making. Within my own organisation 'Kobranie' I work with young people and I train musicians in the field of musical ownership, musical creativity and improvisation. I have taught improvisation, musical creativity and musical leadership at the conservatoire of Utrecht since 2011 for the new department Musician 3.0.



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