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Falk Hübner

Utrecht Conservatorium


Falk Hübner (1979) is a composer, theatre maker and researcher; creating experimental stage works which fall between concert, installation and performance as conceptualist, composer and director. His practice-based PhD research focusses on the musician as theatrical performer and the impact of reductive conceptions (taking central elements of performance away from the musician, such as taking away the instrument) on the professional identity of the musician. He is member of various research groups including the FIRT/IFTR research groups for intermediality in theatre and performance and music theatre, and the IMS study group Music and Media (MaM). Falk is member of the Creative Directors team of ICON. Falk created a short film of his time at Dartington for ICON, Seminar 10. To view the film, visit his website: www.hubnerfalk.com Alternatively, copy the link below: http://hubnerfalk.com/artistic/collaborations/moves-between-dartington/



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