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Gordon Munro

DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama in Dublin


Gordon Munro is Head of the Conservatory of Music and Drama at Dublin Institute of Technology. Previously Gordon worked at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland as Head of Undergraduate Programmes and Creative and Contextual Studies. He teaches subjects such as music history, harmony and counterpoint and orchestration; and has directed various choral groups in Scotland. Gordon has a broad experience of external examining at various UK institutions, and of participating in validation and review events in the UK and overseas. He was a member of the 12th Council of the General Teaching Council for Scotland and maintains a close interest in music pedagogy, and the education of music teachers. Gordon is a board member of the National Youth Orchestra of Ireland, the Council of Heads of Music in Higher Education (CHMHE), and a member of the Society for Musicology in Ireland and the Society for Music Education in Ireland.


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