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Harald Jørgensen

Norwegian Academy of Music


Harald is Professor (Emeritus) of Education at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo. He has been Rektor (Principal) of the institution (1983-89 and 2002-2005), Head of Research and Development (1995-2002), and Head of the Ph.D. programme (2006-2008). He has published books on issues of research, music education and psychology of music in Norway; edited books published in English; published several articles in international journals and handbooks, given presentations on international conferences and been a member of and chaired national and international committees on issues relevant for music education, especially higher music education. His special research interests include instrumental practice and research into higher music education. Among his most recent contributions are Research into Higher Music Education. An overview from a quality improvement perspective (Oslo: NOVUS Press, 2009), and contributions to three international handbooks, all of them published by Oxford University Press: “Musical excellence” (2004); “Handbook of Music Psychology” (2009); “Handbook of Music Education” (2012). He has been the leader of several evaluation and accreditation committees in Europe and Asia.



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