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Ingela Hellsten

University of Gothenburg – Academy of Music and Drama


Ingela Hellsten works as a vocal teacher at the Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg and as a singer within the fields of jazz and improvised music. Principally Ingela teaches on the BA Programme in Music with an improvisation specialization, where the focus is to enhance artistic mastery of the solo instrument. Ingela gives one-to-one lessons and courses in vocal improvisation and methodology. She also teaches ensemble where a major part of the work is about finding balance between the individual initiatives and a collective understanding. The students are encouraged to search for their own ”voice”and deepen their individual musical expression at the same time as being open to other people and new ways of thinking and acting. She´s searching for different modes of communication where you are prepared to handle both the expected and the unexpected, to be brave in your own initiatives as well as listening to the others, so what you hear and what you contribute can be in mutual influence and constant interrelation. Ingela has been taking courses on teaching methods for university level and coaching methods that she is working on integrating with her teaching.


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