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Marc van Roon

Prins Claus Conservatorium


Marc van Roon is currently active as a jazz performer, recording artist and composer as well as creative leadership developer for the organisational domain and music educator at various music conservatories. In the role of leadership developer he offers his Music Labs sessions for companies and organisations world-wide focussing on the emergence of coherence through creativity, connection, play and improvisation. He offers inspiration and skills to navigate our modern uncertain, ambiguous and complex society. He teaches jazz piano focussing on developing an original voice and style grounded in the understanding of - and experience with - craftsmanship, tradition and development of modern styles. As a mentor he coaches students and professionals in one-to-one conversations in aligning their reality with their objectives and ambitions and helps to make effective and socially relevant connections between the artist, their art, the places of performance and audiences, and the emergence of relevance for people in a larger societal context.



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