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Peter Melin

University of Gothenburg – Academy of Music and Drama


Peter is an Actor who after 20 year switched to teaching. He trained ‘in house’ for two years at the institution he is now serving. He would often teach in acting, while still working as an actor. He decided to work with voice and speech as he always had a passion for it and felt he could make a difference in the field. Peter works very physically with voice and is strict and technical with the spoken words. He also works quite a lot with the aspect of an ensemble (not being alone on stage …) and being aware of the room you are playing in. Peters role in the acting program is that of one which follows the students, thru the first years basic ground training, in to the projects and plays all the way to the last performance of the exam play. His style is influenced by my interest in coaching and feedback. Peter still acts occasionally, but he finds teaching more fun.



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