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Rima Rimsaite

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre


Graduated from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (musicology) in 1989 and started working at the International Relations Office at the Academy. Since 2008, she has been running the Office. Rima has developed and coordinated international projects including Erasmus IP 'Erasmus Conducting Course', Erasmus IP 'We make an Opera', Nordplus IP 'Music Laboratory the PROCESS' (www.procesas.net), Erasmus IP 'S_ECMA'. She is a member of the preparatory group of international relations coordinators at the AEC (from 2008 untill present time), was an elected member of the Executive Committee of Nordplus music networks (in 2009 and 2010). She is the national expert and researcher (for music performance) at the project 'National Concept of ECTS implementation' (from 2010 untill 2012).


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